Technology complexes are home to technology companies that have passed their development phase and are interested in being present in the Sharif Innovation Area. Currently, 25 developed companies, members of Sharif Science and Technology Park, are located and operating in three technology complexes. Tax breaks, capital facilitation and business consulting and development services are some of the services that these companies receive.

Technology Complex No. 1 has 35 administrative units in which more than 25 knowledge-based companies are located and operating. This building was purchased by Iran National Innovation Fund in 2014 and has been leased on the condition of ownership to qualified applicant knowledge-based companies.

Technology Complex No. 2 was established by a group of faculty members of Sharif University of Technology in 2010 and currently more than 10 companies are located and operating in it. The spaces in this building are owned by the companies themselves. Sharif Research and Technology Fund is located in this complex

Technology Complex No. 3 has 10 independent administrative units. This building was purchased and given to Sharif Science and Technology Park with the support of the Vice – Presidency for Science and Technology in 2017. Currently, 10 developed companies that are members of Sharif Science and Technology Park are located in this building.