An innovation district is a special form of economic growth and making a dynamic society based on a geographical location. Innovation districts are founded to make an entrepreneurial atmosphere in which people and firms from different layers of society can collaborate together. Due to the impact of entrepreneurship on economic growth of a country, innovative ecosystems are very noticeable.


In order to reinforce the organically emerged entrepreneurial ecosystem around the university, Sharif Park made the Sharif Innovation District its most important program. The goal of this program is to motivate talents to bring up solutions for modern problems. Promoting the innovative culture and a constructive competition among knowledge-based companies results in a fundamental growth.

Sharif Innovation District with an area of 250 hectares is located between Azadi St. and 3 highways of Jenah, Sheikh Fazlollah and Yadegar Imam. By being In the proximity of Sharif University there’s an outstanding opportunity for technology companies to benefit from the scientific potentials of the university. Subway stations of two different lines and other forms of public transportation make it convenient to get from anywhere in Tehran to Sharif Innovation District. Moreover, Mehrabad International Airport is located 4 kilometers from the district.


 As a result, several service providers such as 21 accelerators, 13 VCs and 12 innovation centers have set up offices in the district. In addition, most of this phenomenal growth has been managed by the private sector.

Technology Companies
Residents of Area
Job Opportunities

Sharif Innovation Agents

Innovation Hub
Shared Workspace
Technology Complexes
  1.  Tarasht Technology Tower
  2. Bontech Technology Tower
  3.  Technology Complexes (1, 2 and (3
  4. Pars Technology Complexes
  5. Danesh Technology Complexes
  6. Almahdi Technology Complexes
  7. Mernegar Technology Complexes
  8. Shahid Sattari Technology Complexes
Workshop and laboratory Space
  1. Sharif Science and Technology Park workshop space (150 square meters)
  2. Tavana clean room (Class A, B, C and D)
  3. Biotex Clean Room (Class B)
  4. Fab Lab Box (being established)
Innovation Centers
  1. ICT Innovation Center (ICTIC)
  2. Hamrahe Aval Innovation Center (MCI-Lab)
  3. Audio and Video Media Innovation Center (AVMIC)
  4. Resana Innovation Center
  5. FazayeNo Innovation Center
  6. Irancell Innovation Center
  7. Chamber of Commerce Digital Transformation Innovation Center
  8.  Datal Innovation Center 
  9. Sharif University of Technology Branch 

  10. Shorou Innovation Center