Sharif Innovation Area is one of the new projects of Sharif Science and Technology Park, which intends to provide services and support to the companies located in this area around the university. One of the outstanding actions in this regard is the “Tarasht Technology Tower” project, which is supposed to be a place for the presence of knowledge – based companies, technology, developing start-ups and other key players active in the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem.

Tarasht Technology Tower is being built with the investment of Sarmaye,       Āb, Khāk, Tose’eh (SAKHT) Company at the intersection of Salehi and Akbari Boulevards on a land with an area of ​​more than 3200 square meters, consisting of 26,000 square meters of infrastructure. This 120 – unit tower has been handed over to the applicant knowledge – based companies through the Sharif Science and Technology Park liaison. In the summer of 2020, the tower will become operational and knowledge – based companies will be settled in there.

The important point about this project, which will be the biggest technology infrastructure in the country, is that no government funds were used, which shows the importance of the participation of private sector people with each other. This has been achieved with the support and facilitation of public institutions such as the Municipality of Tehran, the Vice President for Science and Technology and the Science and Technology Park of Sharif University of Technology management.