General conditions of admission

The science and technology parks main objective is to help businesses to develop through technology innovation and commercialization. Companies operating in the following areas can complete the relevant forms after ensuring that they meet the general conditions of admission.

  • New technologies and high-tech industries
  • Commercialization of research results and technological achievements
  • Creation and development of technological and newly established businesses
  • Commercialization and support services for the development and development of technology units

General conditions of admission

1- The technology unit of the applicant for membership in Sharif Science and Technology Park must study and accept the “University’s benefit from companies and technology units of Sharif Science and Technology Park” method.

2- The technology unit applying for membership in Sharif Science and Technology Park undertakes to transfer its main office location to Sharif Innovation Area before admission.

Student entrepreneurship teams are student teams interested in starting a startup and developing a business. To receive the intended supports, the team must have a central idea and consist of students from Sharif University of Technology. These applicants are stationed at the accelerator and benefit from its services. Admission of student entrepreneurship teams will be based on the accelerator statutes, bylaws and criteria. You can get more information about this from Sharif Accelerator website
The Website of Sharif Accelerator
These applicants are newly established companies which are made up of Sharif University family members (faculty members, graduates, students, or a combination of them) who have specific business ideas for commercializing their research results. Admission of this type of technology units is done according to the “Admission Regulations in the Development Center”. This group of applicants is settled in the development center in accordance with the existing criteria, and will benefit from the services of the development center. For details on the process of accepting technology units of development period, you can refer to the website of Sharif Advanced Technologies Development Center.
The Website of Roshd (Development) Center
These groups of applicants are developed companies that have passed the business start-up phase and development period, and have reached relative maturity and stability. These companies have the following specifications:
  • Knowledge – based product: A product that has some levels of innovation and is created or acquired by the company in one of the methods of research and development.
  • Sales of knowledge-based product: The company has achieved appropriate and stable income through the sale of its knowledge – based product. An income that has made the company passes through a stage of commercial stillness and turned it into a profitable company.
  • Organizational structure: The company structure must have reached maturity and have adequate and necessary human resources.
Admission of developed companies is done according to the “Regulations for developed companies’ acceptance of Science and Technology Park of Sharif University of Technology “. For this purpose, the applicant developed companies can receive the membership application form file from the following link and then send the completed file to the email address . After the initial review and having the necessary conditions and the existence of the establishment capacity, the company representative is invited to present his plans in the presence of the members of the park admission committee. To receive more information on this topic and to get acquainted with the post- development companies based in the park, you can read the page of the developed companies.
Companies which are stationed in the park

According to Article 1-1 of the Park Statute, service providers are among the institutions that are effective in providing the ground for the development of innovation – based companies. These institutions are companies or institutions whose services and activities can meet the various needs of technology units and pave the way for their development and expansion. These services include commercialization, legal, financing, management, training, welfare and other services.

Due to the nature and type of activity of service providers, the admission of these units will be done in accordance with the needs of the park in relation to the provision of services and with the approval of the admission committee. For this purpose, the applicant service providers can download the membership application form file from the following link and then send the completed file to the email address . After the initial review and having the necessary conditions, the representative of the unit is invited to present his plans in the presence of the members of the park admission committee.

In these offices, experts from the research and development or technology and innovation departments of various industries are deployed to monitor the activities and performance of technology park units and evaluate their capabilities, so that they can use the capabilities of these units in line with their value chain. In addition to the impact on the growth and sustainability of technology units, the presence of these sectors will provide the necessary ground for ideas of technology units to become market-oriented. Offices representing industries in the park must have an acceptable amount of research, development, innovation and technology activities in the field of activities of the park’s technology units. Also, the industries that create these innovation and technology offices in the park must have high financial capacity, large market and the capacity to absorb technology and innovation. Admission to these centers is based on the regulations for the establishment of industrial innovation and technology offices.