Sharif Accelerator has officially started its activities since the April of 2014 as the first university accelerator in Iran; to cultivate the creative ideas of students and graduates of Sharif University of Technology. As one of the subsidiaries of Sharif University of Technology Science and Technology Park, this accelerator supports technology-based startups in the fields of information and communication technology, engineering, and hardware. They can be accepted in Sharif Accelerator and use its services to accelerate the development of their newly established business, under the condition that at least half of the founders of those startups are the students or graduates of the Sharif University.

Sharif Accelerator supports are in the form of a package of services which includes consulting, training, shared workspace allocation, workshop and laboratory services for product development, seed money payment and providing access to a network of investors, entrepreneurs and industrial partners for startups.

Sharif Accelerator aims to reduce the risk of starting a business for talented and knowledgeable teams. Sharif Accelerator tries to get startups focused on technology and product development at the beginning of their 3 to 9 months acceleration process. Successful startups exiting the accelerator can also spend a three-year development period at the Sharif Incubatorand benefit from its services.

Providing the up to date requirements of industry and market for encouraging students to work with the purpose of meeting the daily needs of the country through educational events is another aspect of Sharif Accelerator activity.

Since the establishment of Sharif Accelerator, more than 130 teams have been accepted into the accelerator. Among the accepted teams, more than 40 teams have so far succeeded in attracting investors and are operating based on the income from the sale of their products.

The objectives of Sharif Accelerator are as follows:

  • Attracting, organizing and evaluating students’ ideas
  • Supporting students’ innovation and creativity through empowerment and team up
  • Providing the necessary ground to speed up the process of realization of concepts and turning ideas into a prototype
  • Providing a situation for transferring experience from entrepreneurs to new teams
  • Support the process of commercializing technological ideas and products